The Dying Wish

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The Wish Movie
Wellington > 10

A somber elderly woman bookended this film about an aspiring commerce student who was focused on study while her besty was out to party. Showed the inner pressure those who study hard do feel from peer pressure. The sound mix was unfortunately quite variable in quality but the lead actress knew how to hold the camera and present her emotions well.

I wasn't quite sure whether the final shot was a burn on Bachelors of Arts as it seemed like the elderly woman was disappointed to end up with that, when she had been studying commerce. If this was a burn on different fields of study to commerce then this went down a whole lot in my estimation but I'm assuming it was just a continuity error.

Ness Patea
city manager

Taking your studies seriously and saying no to parties and hanging out with friends is a difficult thing when you are living in student halls of residence.

I like that this film featured actual students, in an actual hall of residence. Good choice of story for the resources that you had. I am always amazed at how many party films we get in the 48 competition, its great that people are having fun over the weekend too. I found it a bit confusing have the lady remembering back as they were from the same era of time, it would have been good to make her from the future or the students from the past to make that clearer.