The Morning After

Average: 4.3 (1 vote)
The High School Movie
Wellington > 10

Raw morning after intimacy of 2 people who do not actually know each other that was sensationally scripted and very nicely shot. That alarm was so well done this could be a nominee for best sound design. I really liked the grade here and the framing was eye-catching, a rare example of making shooting inside somebody's house actually work in this competition as strewn drunk bottles in the forefront worked as a lovely literal through the looking glass metaphor. Maturity clearly helmed this film with some deep life lessons explored it felt incredibly real. The only thing that I kind of questioned was why add the film print flicker/specks etc? Quite impactful I think this stands a good chance to make the Wellington final.

Ness Patea
city manager

After waking up in the bathroom of a party, two people meet and have an conversation, she is late to her ultrasound appointment and she is drinking and smoking whilst pregnant.

This high school film, is serious in tone and the film is punctuated by a cellphone alarm that is beeping right through it, the alarm feels like the main character to me, it's trying to get their attention but they are ignoring it. The film deals with themes of young pregnancy in an interesting and subtle way, with someone not emotionally ready to accept her responsibility and the audience can relate to her vulnerability. It might have been more powerful with some teen cast but still a strong premise and script.