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The Monster Movie
Wellington > 10

After a 6 week preparation the woodfire pizza bbq of the century is ready to go for a colourful collection of animal food connoisseurs ranging from walruses to earthworms. Absolutely classic backyard humour the jokes came motoring in with really solid crystal clear voice acting. Appropriate behaviour at one of these events is examined such as whether a side dish actually works and just how bad coriander is as a topping, all the while completely celebrating the Ultra animal requirement with intimate zoology punchlines.

The main event itself now that was something to truly behold. The animals were salivating and given this was a 'Monster' genre film I can assure you the payoff was well worth the wait for both eager hungry animals on screen and film fans knowledgeable of what Squint Eastwood is capable of. So good. Really made me want Hell Pizza afterwords.

As always, squint Eastwood delivers.

I very much appreciated how hard creating all the new characters must’ve been, and stepping away from the iconic and beloved, and now famous kiwi hero’s gaz and baz.

Proud to see ethnic diversity ie. the worm

The film maker is clearly someone with good taste.
They dislike Corriander.


lol... I came to this heats to see this teams film. Love and appreciate an animated film being made in 48 hours, and this team always knocks it out of the park.
Well done!

Ness Patea
city manager

This pizza party is packed with party animals with dietary requirements and peppered with dishes that would make your mouth perspire, like pancetta, prosciutto, horopito pepper, pecan, reduced peanut butter and potato salad from Pak and Save. These pizza's have posh ingredients that would make Jamie Oliver proud to plate them. Pandemonium ensues when the perfect pizza rips a portal to a parallel world unleashing a pack of demons.

This ultra film was a definite crowd pleaser, with very relatable hipster animal characters and funny jokes about diets, fancy food and fussy eaters. The animation style was clean and the voices overs were clear with great comic timing. My favourite character was the worm. The demon/portal bit was a big change in tone from the beginning and it worked in that it came out of left field and surprised the audience. This film won the Ant Timpson solo/duo award (chosen by Ant) and made it to the grand finals. The tiny spelling mistake at the end was a shame, maybe fix it for the online release. Did love the ending though as coriander is one of my favourite foods! Awesome work.