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The Musical + The Time Travel Movie
Wellington > 10

Headphones for time travel in post apocalyptic Wellington 2367 worked as a terrific time travel plot point in this musical that had some simply amazing highs along Oriental Parade. Exploring difficulty of solitude versus how your life can change when others accept you this film left me crushed. Utilisation of a large number of people willing and eager to party was well implemented, and going full blown classical Hollwood musical as you confidently breezed down O. Bay was something I’ll cherish watching for a long time.

Ness Patea
city manager

Stuck in a silent world, our main character finds a set of headphones that becomes a time travel device. Using sound, she is transported into modern day Wellington straight into a party and she meets a young woman and a romance starts. This film had some great raw musical moments, the scene on Oriental bay was amazing, I really loved it. This brave film had a strong voice and was entertaining the whole way through also kudos that you found so many people for the party scene.