Endeavours Against Youngeesie Dingang

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The Back from the Dead Movie
Wellington > 10

What more can I say but what a laugh that was. I was at edge of my seat in tears. Comedy done right and i'm sure a banging sound cloud to go with it. Whens the album lads?

A couple of stoner friends (one particularly homophobic) discuss the prophecy of Youngeesie Dingdang with an unnecessary talking head shot attemping to break the 4th wall at least once on my notes. Bugnuts in tone seems like the team had a “let’s get fucking weird!” weekend and that showed on screen. A lot of the jokes fell flat though, more wtf than haha…and lose the bloody homophobia jokes next time ffs.

Ness Patea
city manager

It was hard to figure out what was going on in this film, it was a complicated story for short film. There was a lot of text up front that was more confusing than helpful. Looks like you guys had a fun weird weekend though.