Tomorrow Comes Today

by NWM

Average: 3.6 (2 votes)
The Last Day on Earth Movie
Wellington > 10

A well put together film. Had subtle humor and was also a bit of an eye opener. Where were the rest of the v cans?

GOOD sound design for the most part here as a possibly crazy lead escaped from the probably infected streets to have a good night of xbox and weed with his mates. The move to the dingy apartment following the zombified opening did create a slight lull however the kinetic chemistry the friends all held quickly pulled the film back up

Ness Patea
city manager

The zombie apocalypse has arrived, so why not have the best last day on earth with your mates, drinking and partying. I liked the dramatic start with lots of action and intrigue enhanced by some strong sound design. Some great deadpan acting and a good rapport between the cast.