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The Anti-RomCom Movie
Wellington > 10

Yes I said "geeze that's homophobic" at the end of your film quite loudly in the cinema. Come on guys, it's 2018. Sheesh.

Do I really want to provide a full review about a film where the mail order bride turns out to be a gay guy, and the lead actor gets so freaked and scared he quickly murders the poor man? No, not really.

EDIT - I'm not a judge in 2018. Appreciate the film's defenders. Cheers.

Aside from a couple of homophobic moments it was a hilarious short story of a man making a mistake. As an anti-rom com about a man and his gay partner it still cracked a few laughs. It's 2018 it shouldn't matter what genders were used #equality

Although some here do seem to think its homophobic, in all honesty would you not also panic if there was a stranger in your bed in the morning trying to rape you? I do see that maybe trying to kill them was a bit overboard though

Back to actually reviewing it like you should *cough* someone here *cough*. This Film in terms of cinematography did very well and managed to actually land its gags to make the whole crowd laugh. What brings this film down is its audio if they were able to fix that before handing it I would've given this an extra star.

Overall I enjoyed this film a whole lot and wish that next year that they can fix the things that brought them down in terms of quality, I would also like to see the judges next year not be so harsh on them over something I'm sure they weren't going for.

Ness Patea
city manager

Our lead is a sad man maybe slightly disturbed man, after a late night drunken google search, he is surprised to find a morning visitor and an email with the terms and conditions of his purchase, so he tries to get rid of him. I thought killing him was over the top and an over-reaction. A lot of 48 hour filmmakers use murder as a way to solve the problems in their films and we see a lot of that throughout the competition, so their needs to be a good reason for it, not just feeling confused or irritated by something. The sweating scene was funny and it just kept going! Some nice shots and I liked the snappy start.