Brooklyn Heights Heist


Average: 2.2 (1 vote)
The Heist Movie
Wellington > 10

A potty mouthed f-bomb spraying old man demands special K, which will clear our lead’s debt if delivered successfully. Queue low-brow besties conspiring to grab what they’ve been asked to and make a clean getaway. The team attempted a sleight of hand here and it got a couple of good chortles from the audience. The heist itself was solid but the setup and finale could have used some tightening up particularly in the edit.

Ness Patea
city manager

Darwin has a menacing phone call, demanding ice, special K and herbs. The 'broke' pair make a plan to achieve their goals, employing the use of a driver and a get away car. This looked like a fun film to make but looked like it could have used some more tightening up in the editing and dialogue. Good twist ending and I enjoyed the car chase.