Intelligent Practitioner

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The Technological Thriller
Wellington > 09

Edgar Wright would be proud as you smashed, crashed and zoom cut your way around that kitchen like pros. The film seemed to go nowhere other than escalating the OCD components of our lead's daily morning ritual before pulling the wool over our eyes. Kind of a PSA really and the sort of film that does make you question the previous events usually, although due to the one actor and the pills it might seem more obvious to some.

Ruth Korver
city manager

A strange machine in a kitchen looks on while a guy follows his daily routine, including eating a series of pills. The machine continues to provide pills until he breaks it. The film finishes like a kind of infomercial, explaining that the machine is an intelligent doctor that tests your DNA and gives you pills to cure all.
I think that going down the infomercial path all the way might have been a better approach as the film had a lot of setup and then was a bit over explained at the end.
It looked nice and there was some lovely editing to create the relentlessness of daily life.