A Day to Remember

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The Wish Movie
Wellington > 09

At his first real day on the job as a genie(?) an office worker sucks up one too many times about wishing the day would always go so well when spoken to by his boss. The audio levels for the disgruntled customer were painfully loud, a rarity but I actually had to cover my ears because of that and the rest of the audio as taken off camera seemed to have a bit of static throughout. I would suggest looking to put some more dramatic content into the film next time as things just happened to our lead without me ever becoming fully engaged with him. Loop structure was almost there but the film could have easily chopped at least half its superfluous runtime.

Ruth Korver
city manager

On his first day at a wish granting company a young man makes a big mistake and wishes every day could be like his first day. He gets stuck in a groundhog style wish loop which he can only escape from with help.
This was a good idea and you had a good narrative arc. I think it needed a bit more trimming in the editing and there were obviously sound problems that meant some of it was a bit hard to hear.