Cis out of Water

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The Fish-Out-of-Water Movie
Wellington > 09

Sorry to hear about the tech issues for your sound, as the story was original and I liked your surreal touches with the puppet animation. Lead performer seemed very lively in terms of their physical presence and when one of the team chimed in to dub audio real time it was a treat for the audience. Interesting reversal to have a cis person trapped in a trans world. It wouldn't be fair for me to give this a negative rating as I understand the sound issues were not the team's fault.

Ruth Korver
city manager

A straight man wakes up in a world where everyone is trans. Cue much comedy around things that most cis people take for granted but must be eternally frustrating and alienating for trans people. This film was made by a group of gender diverse young people and I really enjoyed that they took the genre and made a film that took the audience into a world of their own experiences. It was a really great and original use of genre and because I also know that only one of them had made a film before I was impressed that a bunch of total newbies to film not only took on the challenge but completed a film.
It was a shame that the film screened out of sync - massive apologies for that and I was so impressed that you just started doing the sound effects and it was great when the audience joined in. I hope you come back for another go - its great to see new perspectives in the competition and I promise I won't muck up your screening next year.