Cretaceous Club

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The High School Movie
Wellington > 09

That was a truly great script and showed some genuine Jurassic-love as a multitude of dinosaurs were at high school trying to work together to stop an oncoming asteroid. I'm feeling like a goose for not really knowing the scientific names of the highlighted dinosaurs, however from what I do remember the scavenger was existential and genius whilst the T-Rex made a surprisingly touching model to remind everyone that love holds no prejudice. Minimal actual animation but high quality drawings and voice work. Oh yeah the free market jokes were out of this world good!

Ruth Korver
city manager

The Breakfast Club meets Jurassic park. This was a really well-scripted film with loads of clever humour in what was a largely dialogue driven character piece. I have to say we saw a lot of Breakfast Club homages in the high school genre this year, but this was certainly one of the cleverest ones and there were a lot of more contemporary jokes that bought it into 2018 quite nicely. I think that it would have helped to have backgrounds to locate the dinosaurs (I know you ran out of time snd had technical issues on that). I also think the narrative would have benefitted from some more shot variation and using framing to create space and relationships between characters, it felt very static. Animation is really hard though and I liked the look of your characters so good work there.