The Grand Tale of Sir Byron

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The Musical + The Monster Movie
Wellington > 09

On the advice of his PC message from work, a cardboard suit cosplaying knight goes after a ghost in the Brooklyn bunker. Great work giving the singing a go but the diction could have used a lot more polish as I could barely understand what was being sung about for most of the film. Failed pizza joke through the mouthpiece was the best joke in this film. Questions of reframing the film almost came to mind due to the slightly surreal ending but then the filmmakers actually provided some clarity. Still not sure what really happened here, plotwise.

Ruth Korver
city manager

A nerdy guy gets a quest from google messenger and heads off to find a ghost. Dressing in a cardboard suit of armour he heads out into the world, stopping for an unsuccessful slice of pizza which he can't eat through his helmet gag. He finds the ghost in a bunker and they rap battle until he tells her its not safe. She's ok though - she's dead. He leaves.
This film had a bit of an abrupt ending and the singing in the bunker was a bit too muffled to get some of the finer detail The start was stronger though and the lead gave us a few funny moments.