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The Last Day on Earth Movie
Wellington > 09

Sanctuary-set ensemble coming to terms with the apocalypse in a church, with some minor questions raised about faith compared to the world outside. I get a less is more approach but the nondescript church backgrounds with the characters standing around talking about the outside doom without any visualation created a bland film. Churches can be glorious so getting plain wooden boards behind characters for most of this was a bit of a bummer. I also appreciate the brave endeavour to try and utilise 5 or 6 actors and actresses but without a central protagonist the film simply lacked a clear narrative arc that would have helped proceedings immensely. A lot of the film was at least framed well, but there were a couple of shots out of focus and audio peak levels were variable.

Ruth Korver
city manager

Its the last day on earth and a group of people have sought sanctuary in a church. Some are resigned, some fearful, some want to keep remaining survivors outside, some want to go after loved ones.
I thought this was an interesting use of the genre, especially with access to a church as key location. The attempt to show different responses to the trouble at hand and use this to create conflict was a good approach.
I'm not sure it totally came off successfully, some of the characters worked better than others and same goes for the performances. It was a good attempt though so don't be discouraged - a dialogue-driven script with a variety of characters is a difficult prospect with months of script development and rehearsal so doing it in 48Hours was brave.
I saw you had some timing issues with day/night so imagine you ran out of time a bit, but great premise and good on you for not doing something easy.