Hot Rod

Average: 2.2 (1 vote)
The Anti-RomCom Movie
Wellington > 09

A wild ride by Blue on Fish as a woman with only $7.57 in her bank account sets her eyes on a red honda accord through any means necessary, while the would be seller is only to happy to flirt along. The team did their best to subvert at every opportunity and also took the piss out of petrolheads which was entertaining in its own right. Technically well composed with just 1 or 2 lines out of synch towards the start of the film, the film was entertaining the audience well until the unfortunate cold blunt conclusion. Shame.

Ruth Korver
city manager

A woman is keen on a very shabby red Honda Accord. She tries to seduce the owner in an attempt to spend more time in it in what is revealed to be a hilarious attraction to a car. I really enjoyed this film throughout the setup and right up until the end when the unnecessary killing didn't really pay it off for me. I was kind of waiting for the guy to discover she was only after him for his incredibly modest vehicle which I think might have left us on a high note instead of a weirdly disappointing death scene.
Otherwise solid shooting (its really hard to make things look good in a car) and enjoyed the performances - the woman was great.