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The Time Travel Movie
Wellington > 08

Cool film, story kept me wondering exactly what was going on throughout but the ending worked really clearly, tied it all together. Story was great, only thing was the guy didn't have a clear motivation for getting angry that I noticed. Some cool lighting fx and good sound track.

Rafael G Q

I liked this film overall and it had no weak points. Solid cinematography, pacing and acting. My only critique, the main character becomes frustrated and very angry with the female character very quickly, which then doesn't work as well with the fact that he's so desperate to return and be with her. I think a little more buildup with her bothering him while's he working on his projects would have suited the story. Great work overall and a good finisher for a solid heat !


Good editing heightened the tension of this film.

Some really cool lighting on this film as a guy in a lab worked furiously to try and be able to reconnect with his long-lost photographer love any way he could. Wind on the soundtrack towards the beginning of the film was distracting, and the refrain from using dialogue and instead attempt to tell a detailed story through visual prompts did not really hit the mark for mine. We've seen quite a few time travel films where the concept is about making a past wrong right, and whilst it can hit deep if done right the editing here was a bit messy to the point that the message about what was happening became quite unclear.

Ruth Korver
city manager

A guy tries to travel through time to catch a girl who dies in an accident. This film had some great art department and nice shooting, however I was a bit confused at the start and wasn't sure if the lead's anger made much sense - I'm guessing it was supposed to be frustration. It ended in a very satisfying way, (even if things didn't resolve) so props for having a good ending as this is pretty hard.
The sound design was also a strength and really added to the tone and feel of the film.