I, Update

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The Technological Thriller
Wellington > 08

Very funny. :)


Really interesting concept. Solid acting from the lead, with great beats and timing. Felt like this film started out super strong but I was a little confused at to what all the additional 'app-update-characters' were as they were introduced. Didn't make complete sense of the ending but overall really enjoyed the way the film played out. Good use of repeated shots throughout.

Rafael G Q

Pretty solid concept that actually worked really well on screen. The ending wasn't as strong as the beginning of the film but it held up well enough. All the individual characters were well executed and their individual personalities well represented and easy to distinguish as social media platforms. The lead actress was super engaging !


Brilliant take on social media / apps / devices etc. Lots of gems in this very contemporary (up to the minute) film.

A team with multiple former finalists among its members, good reviews so far and did well in audience voting but I must have watched a completely different film as when the credits rolled I had a "what happened here?" type reaction. The script simply did not make any sense to me. Summarised plot was a call centre worker had her apps come to sentient life with the parodies like dinkedin and skinder making her life more and more convulated at work, at home, and in her bed. I'm not sure if the team was trying their best to show stress for the lead to represent the thriller aspect of their genre, or to do their best to pay homage to BLACK MIRROR through black comedy, but to me it just came across as a bit frustrating. Generally well shot, and the lead actress did well with the material. The terms and conditions joke was good this just was not my cup of tea. Sorry.

Ruth Korver
city manager

A comedy about what happens when all your social media apps come to life. This satire showed how we fill our lives with constant noise as a women's house is invaded one by one, by the personifications of everything from Linked In to Facebook. There were some clever lines from the app characters and some great time passing scenes in bed and the shower as the women's life fills up with more and more app people.
It was a great concept with excellent performances, especially from the lead, but I did think the ending could have been stronger - it didn't quite deliver on the set up.
An enjoyable watch never-the-less.