The Slammers

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The Film That Spans More Than 10 Years
Wellington > 08
Rafael G Q

Real classic idea, great acting and had some real funny moments. The story fizzled out a little as it progressed and the ending wasn't as strong as the beginning, but overall it was an engaging film and it looked like it would have been pretty funny to make. Good stuff team !


Funny 48 hours element concept, great acting from the cast. Felt like the "Film takes place over 10 years" was forced into the plot a little and the ending reused previous footage without adding anything new to the story. What made the lead character decide to end his days of door slamming? But had a good smile on my face watching The Slammers gang perfect their craft. Awesome puddle slide/slip.

Awesome concept just about executed. I enjoyed it all the way through, great comedic timing from the cast.

So every single year there's a team that takes one of the required elements (rock, rope, insomnia in the past) and uses that as a mockumentary base for their storytelling. This year Kinda Fast But More Furious went with the 'Door Slamming' mockumentary approach. Funny at first as a previous door to door salesman explained clear motivation for wanting to catch illegal door slamming vigilantes, but the one-joke approach really did spread thin quite quickly leaving the second half of the film to drag. The out of focus shots were a downer for me although captured one of the best silhouettes in the whole competition through a glorious sunset shot. I'd say it was a nominee for that category if only the shot had added something to the film.

I get that the team did a full blown come back around arc approach but the story simply needed more depth given it was supposed to be 10 years+ and kind of just tickboxed that requirement.

Ruth Korver
city manager

Mockumentary type film about door slamming - anything from bins to cat doors - with a former door salesman trying to stop illegal door slammers. The setup was great but the ending was a bit weak and felt like it was box ticking the genre and some bits were lost with out of focus shots and quiet sound. Aside from those issues however, the actors gave some great comedic performances with and I enjoyed the puddle slide.