The Haunting of Michael

by JSH

Average: 2.2 (4 votes)
The Back from the Dead Movie
Wellington > 08

A classic mockumentary approach. I think it could have done with more of a story progression and variation on backdrops and settings, but it had some fun moments and beats throughout.

Rafael G Q

The film had the right ideas and at all times you can see where it's wanting to go and what it's wanting to be but I didn't enjoy it as much as others. I think the acting could be a little stronger throughout and more clear delivery of the jokes and gags would have executed better. I also reckon better distinction between the ghost and the rest of the students in the interviewing shots would have solidified the character a little better. At times he felt like a ghost and at times he felt like a regular dude. Some really funny moments, like the chair being thrown and the ghost in the shower were the highlights for me. Nice work !

This was cute and funny and it looked like everyone had an awesome time making it - it's infectious when that shows through. The actors had distinct characters, the ghost was endearing - and it was good to end on the angsty note of his ongoing pain!

So many talking heads as both the titular ghost and his uni hall colleagues were interviewed about how they felt re: a poltergeist living with them. The soundtrack had a lot of fluctuations and unfortunately was hindered by a clearly audible buzzing. Very talky with just a couple of physical humour jokes that the ghost angle could have played to a whole lot more. If you're going with the mockumentary angle I implore you to make sure your sound is on point and at least give the film some dynamism because the sit down talk approach gets old, fast.

Ruth Korver
city manager

Micheal is a ghost who didn't love haunting anywhere until he returned to his first year hall of residence and found a home. Mockumentary style, it is heavily interview focussed with some cutaways showing life in general. It felt more like a doco-portrait than a narrative and could have benefitted from a bit more drama or action to carry it along. The interviews were quite static and the cutaways stayed very wide so more visual variation would have helped too.
There were some funny jokes and I enjoyed some of the characters and I do think it was great that the team used something they knew (life in a student hall) to base the story around so it did have an air of authenticity which was one of its strengths.