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The Last Day on Earth Movie
Wellington > 08
Rafael G Q

Interesting concept, however the story confused me at times and I think a slightly simplified version of the story would have executed just as well and with better clarity. I think adding some clarity around the main character's motives earlier in the film would have made it read better overall. Acting was solid and the film was nicely shot.


Thought this film was cool, had some classic time travel elements in there but hadn't seen quite this take on it before. Could have had a bit more background hints on who the main character was and how he got himself into this pickle. Ending played well.


Pity about Theresa's elbow in shot, those simple in camera tricks of the family members disappearing were otherwise really good.
Great script, well done.

Oh my I assumed this was time travel! Foreboding tone as a family man on a mission tried his hardest to make sure he got the formula right to not bump into himself in order to prevent impending doom. Nice glitch effects and well sold by the lead actor, though it did play a bit predictable. Sound was also watery for the first minute or so.

Ruth Korver
city manager

Its the last day on earth and a man is rushing to prevent impending doom. He keeps having to go back in time as each attempt fails, each time trying to avoid himself.
It was a cool concept but was a touch repetitive. I think a bit more insight into the setup or world would have helped us engage more with the main character, we understood what he was trying to do but not why. It was a original take on the last day on earth genre and there was an solid performance from the lead actor.