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The Splatstick Movie
Wellington > 07

Loved the editing.


I particularly enjoyed the twat musician flatmate. Great shadow shot.
Best worst movie of the heat.

Impressive duo entry paying homage to late night b-grade horror sold on a fantastic film title or vhs cover. In this case we actually got a film within a film as the tape started and our tale of therianthropy unfolded. Curiousity was piqued throughout at each beat of the story, from bloody handed cereal eating, through terrible musician flatmate jokes right up to and including some wonderful z-grade transformation effects. A passionate lead performance with the 'fingers' shot getting a huge audience reaction. Didn't muck around and went for the jugular with what they had and I admire that. Sound was tinny, possibly deliberately.

Ruth Korver
city manager

This is one of those weird little gems that make me love 48Hours so much.
Its an old VHS movie about - you guessed it - a werehorse. That's kind of like a werewolf except its a horse. Lots of great vomiting and blood splatter and an exceptionally hilarious and budget transformation scene in the bathroom with a random 'say no to pre-marital sex' sticker on the door which is frequently used as a cutaway.
I really enjoyed the B-grade-ness of this film (it makes me feel old that there's a vhs filter now). The bad musician flatmate was a great performance and was just the right kind of comedic-annoying that there was a solid sense of satisfaction when he got his guts ripped out. Nice work.