Falling for You (and I Can’t Get Up)

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The Star-Crossed Lovers Movie
Wellington > 07

The sweet clumsy couple were good characters but structurally this romance didn't quite get there for me.

Murphy's law for would-be romantics who try their absolute hardest to make things work despite dinner issues related to both fire and allergies, dropping coffee on important notes and being prone to danger of all kinds. This one had heart with the SAY ANYTHING joke a particular highlight, nervermind the shadow spoon choking (possible contender for best shadow?) and the leads had decent chemistry. I think the editing did need to be a bit tighter here as fell more into an anti-romcom for the most part, and the sound levels were at the point of hardly being able to hear dialogue.

Ruth Korver
city manager

A couple try to date but are plagued by accidents, split coffee, burning dinners. They persevere but luck is not on their side and they finish up in hospital. I'm not quite sure how it ended. I think they decided that despite everything they would make it work, but the sound was very low and I couldn't really hear the outcome.
It was a great idea for the anti rom-com but I'm not sure it was realised as well as it could have been. It was a bit repetitive and could have been edited a bit shorter as it was quite simple (simple is fine, just keep it short if you're going that way).
The lead performers were charming and I thought the use of shadow was great.