The Woodland Witch

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The Wish Movie
Wellington > 07

This was my favourite film of the heat and I'm so sad it got DQ'd. Beautiful shots, fantastic acting, and the sound design was just lovely. Story fell apart a little right at the end but it had my favourite use of puddle. Nice work!!


Legit dark horror film with a great lead performance. Gory puddle and spooky shadow were great execution of the required elements.

A heavily pregnant woman with dreams and aspirations for her unborn child to be strong, powerful and handsome decides to take a chance on a pamphlet found in a puddle that claims a witch can make her dreams come true. Pride can be a horrible sin though and if witches were real well deceptive traps would probably be there gateway I'm guessing. I'm getting goosebumps just thinking about this one again as it was seriously chilling. Good sound, even better performances and oh my gosh that unrelentless jangling chanting soundtrack sounded like it came straight out of THE VVITCH. This would have been a shoe in for the Wellington final and nominations for best use of puddle and best use of prop, if not more. Real shame about the dq it was close to flawless.

I loved it, it scared me and kept me interested the whole duration of the film. Well done!

Ruth Korver
city manager

A mother-to-be goes to a witch to make sure her child's future is assured. But witches are tricksy creatures and not to be trusted. Unlike most wish movies this year, 'Woodland Witch' went dark and scary, with no happy ever after ending. In fact it was pretty chilling.
Technically this film looked great and I was impressed by the performances. The sound design in particular was really well done and helped build the sense of unease.
I'm so sad that this team came in late (only by a few seconds) but I know this won't put you off making films. You've ended up with something that you should be proud of.
(Also to note that this was an all-female team - great to see a group of women making films together and please keep doing it).