LIT: A Modern Musical

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The Musical + The Splatstick Movie
Wellington > 07

A spokeswoman for Giggles with God provided the chorus to the fire story that proceeded on screen about a quest to make an amazing fire song. The need to ignite and not blow smoke by a would-be rapper was portrayed throughout the film, pushing the fire element and associated puns constantly. The second half of the film was where things came alive, as we got some solid hip hop beats and even better choreography and cinematography with the male hip hop afficionado not saying a word and yet signifying a change in direction for the film with a laid back vibe. The chorus element did give the film a bizarre appeal, and the spit puddle of blood got some strong audience reactions. My main gripe with the film was the unclear plotline.


Good lyrics.
Pity about some of the dull interior sets.

I thought it was funny. Great raps.

Ruth Korver
city manager

Some kind of angel lady sings us the story of what happens when someone makes a rap about fire that is so hot they'll get burned. The film cuts to a producer listens to 'Lil Burn. Ie's' demo but she wants more 'FIRE'. Cue a montage of the rapper developing ideas while the hilarious producer (love her performance) demands more FIRE. The producer dies of fire poisoning and the rap is revealed. Its pretty well-produced with some great shots. But people die when they listen to it. Too much FIRE! At the end the angel cautions us not to play with fire using my favourite line of the film - 'if your musics too lit that will be your demise, so come on guys get fire-wise'.
This was a pretty weird film and had a few plot holes but it was fun and the main rap with Lil Burn. Ie was great.