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The Film That Spans More Than 10 Years
Wellington > 06

At the Aro St video store an employee shows a penchant for being able to deal with tricky customers in some quite interesting ways, and this calm persona serves her well for friendships although not unfortunately for her health. Spanning across the change from vhs to dvd to blu-ray this played like the filmmakers wanted to show their love for the heart of Wellington home video (no issues for me, I'll always be a massive fan of Aro Video). The opening and closing acts of the film were strong, but a felt that the storyline got a little bit muddled in the middle and sound had a lot of issues, although having said that the conclusion was raw and touching.


Another stand out film from this heat if just for the fab location & props. VHS Love!
Best puddle shot of the heat!

Ruth Korver
city manager

Set in a video store we see a woman dealing with a terminal illness that declines over time. Its such a great location for a film as we see the world move from VHS through DVD etc as time passes which is clever but also perfect for a 48Hours audience who love that kind of thing. The lead character is great and I loved the interesting and varied ways she helped customers and the contrast with her replacement at then end. It did get a bit muddled in the middle but in general I enjoyed it and commend the clever use of location with the genre.