Dinner For Two

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The Anti-RomCom Movie
Wellington > 06

Absolutely nailed your genre - perfectly charmingly disgusting. Thought the ending was really good too. Could possibly have been pacier in places, as some of the jokes became repetitive. Overall really good though!

Ever seen the film IN MY SKIN? Well a papercut here and we're away laughing, or shuddering, or being transfixed to be honest as a couple quickly realise a joint fetish for flesh and bones, literally. A full on assault of smash cuts and biting but played with subtle precision by the leads despite what they had gotten themselves into. Gross at times but reflective on abusive relationships and a metaphor for knowing when to get out which was most impressive. Punchline absolutely killer, excuse the pun. Would have had higher marks with a bit more technical polish.


Wonderfully fucked up idea for an anti-romcom.

Clever. So so clever
I think I would have enjoyed slightly quicker pace and better SFX. The make up brought me out of the moment a little, however if it had looked too real I may not have been able to watch.
6/7 Because this game is about concept and the concept was kickass

Awesome original idea. It was nicely shot and there seemed to be a real connection between actors. On a side note that's got to be the most funny team intro I've ever seen.
My main criticism is I thought the end dragged on a tiny bit too much. I would have been content with the film finishing on the park bench.

Looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with next!

Ruth Korver
city manager

A couple begin with a little lick which turns into quite a lot more. Not sexually, just edibley. That's right, they start to eat each other.
The leads were great in this and while it was funny and pretty gross it did have a sense of metaphor for a darker more abusive relationship and how people can fall deep into those without noticing which was really clever.
It could have done with some more technical polish but the premise and narrative were well crafted and the punchline was brilliant.