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The Heist Movie
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Motivated by his older sister, Tom sets out to get his hands on an Oscar. Not content to earn one, he sets his sights on Peter Jackson's. Our team is a group of friends who gather each year and have fun. This year we took a bash at Ultra and employed both children and animals.

Hoping a certain high profile New Zealander gets to watch this :D The story was clear, energetic and overall pretty fun to watch. Great job on tackling Ultra too!


Difficult to do a film with children and pets as your leads. Well done! Nice wee film here. Loved the boys repeating the Navi's pronunciation of 'Miramar'. Nice wee film.

Scorned by his sisters that he will never win an Oscar that he dreams of and talks about to himself in the mirror, our young lead decides to get an Oscar any way he can. Now where's Peter Jackon's awards room when you need him? Quick witted and good ingenuity to sell the LOTR director himself as an angry hobbit, this subverted its genre well. Acting was particularly good by the young lead, and the ambitious plan made for a good heist fit. Fun and classic kiwi humour, but I think the film would have benefitted from just a tad more tension when the plan itself was put into action.

I enjoy this team every year.
Especially happy to see how heavily into the children actors requirement this team went, when some of the other ultras tried very hard to get by with the minimum requirement of child actors, the child in this was very much the lead.
Pete was a classic. They know their audience very well.

Ruth Korver
city manager

Two kids set out to steal and actual Oscar award from Peter Jackson. This film was pretty charming and props for stepping up to the Ultra challenge. The kids and dog stole the show as expected and it was a nice approach to the genre that felt very 'wellington' with some classic kiwi humour thrown in. Only thins I'd suggest is thinking about how to build the tension more to keep surprising us about what might happen next.