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The Star-Crossed Lovers Movie
Wellington > 06

Struggling to come to terms with the passing of his girlfriend, a man thinks that there may be a link to the afterlife through his computer and some scientific wizardy that he has conducted. But his friends all think he's lost the plot and just needs a bit of comfort. Queue moodily lit graphics on screen, some decent fx and a slightly unexpected turn. I felt that this film needed to trim quite a bit of fat as there were extraneous shots before the film really started to get going, and a couple of lines of dialogue were out of synch. Overall enjoyable mood and tone though and a solid lead performance.

I might need to retrospectively go through films on this review site because the number of teams strongly influenced by HER is quite staggering this year (and ELECTRIC DREAMS but that's another story)

Ruth Korver
city manager

A young man tries to connect with his dead girlfriend via some kind of computer-machine that he builds. As he works he hears her voice in his head. Worried friends try to connect with him but he definielty lost in delusion-land.
I felt the story was a bit weak, while it had a good premise the ending especially didn't really seem to resolve and it felt the start of something longer. The friend ends up reassured but things aren't actually better for the guy and he hasn't let go.
The strength in the film was the look and tone of it - the care and thought around colours in particular was really well-done and the shots were beautiful. It was a great pairing of filming and art department that created a very considered tone and world. I've seen this team's work before and its a visual style they have used in the past and I do like that they are developing a look that is particular to them.
The performances were good - its hard to act alone and play a little crazy so props to the lead performer for that.