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The Fish-Out-of-Water Movie
Wellington > 06

Playing within their own absurdist rules, a bus stop kidnapping goes terribly awry and we got a whole lot of weird here. When I see awry I mean bonkers as someone who wanted to play house took things way too literally with human 'patients' and Sylvainin family toys although the film teetered on the brink of reality throughout. The sewn mouth provided a feeling of whatthefuckery but motivations for the collection of people was unclear and the third act whilst producing understandable escape desperation did not satisfactorily end proceedings.


I wish wish WISH... you had water come into the room when the cup was knocked over! i was waiting for it and had it happened it would've been awesome!

Ruth Korver
city manager

A guys is kidnapped at the bus stop and kept in a basement with his mouth sewn shut and cardboard rabbit ears. Two creepy girls appear to be recreating a Sylvanian family scene with real people, in front of a weird static TV. In the end they appear to believe they have Stockholm-syndromed him and give him the keys to go get something, so he escapes.
There was quite a lot of WTF in this film, and the story was creepy, especially in the first half as you start to put together what might be happening. Unfortunately the ending fell flat as he just left using the keys so there wasn't an urgent threat that made you invest in his escape.
I did like the TV with static as a device in the film, the hissing sound helped increase tension in the basement and added to the strangeness.