In the drivers seat

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The High School Movie
Wellington > 05

An aspiring always-late student driver signs up for lessons with ulterior motives, but being unable to even go around the cone obstacle course means that his plans get a bit scuppered. A charm offensive and quick trip to the countryside though and he's away laughing. "Go big or go home" was the order of the day for this team, and whilst I massively appreciate the sprawling drone shots the jarring camera shifts did take me a little bit out of the moment. I also unfortunately got lost in the plot and what the revelatory trip to the countryside represented. Flashback to an event that had happened around 30 seconds prior in the film was also perhaps unnecessary and sound was up and down. My tip would be to focus on clearer storytelling as there was promise with a couple of good laughs.

Sound sound sound. Check your sound. This would have played a hell of a lot better if we could hear it more. Acting was pretty good. The only thing missing was a bit tighter editing and maybe a bit of story work - quite confuse about the ending- was there someone else in the bed too??? Nice effort overall.

Ruth Korver
city manager

A teenage boy who is always late signed up for driving lessons after his girlfriend ghosts him. He's pretty bad though and his instructor won't let him do the road test. I think he then has a dream where he drives triumphantly through the countryside in a 4WD with a blonde girl. He wakes up and its a dream. I think that is what happened anyway. The story was quite confusing with some odd flashbacks and an unresolved ending. This film would have benefited from a lot more work on the story and it felt like the attempt to use flashbacks etc was a clever idea that didn't pan out. It is great to take risks but always keep in mind that story is king with films.

Technically there were some cool drone shots that tied in well with the triumphant driving scenes but sound issues were a big [problem and meant we couldn't hear a lot of what was being said.