Goodbye Darkness My Old Friend

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The Musical + The Monster Movie
Wellington > 05

Metaphorical self-examination that went pretty dark and deep about personal demons, through a mixture of poetry, singing, mushrooms, puppets and alcohol. I liked the strong arc for the lead who had solid screen presence. The film was well edited and shot although I'm not sure what happened with the windowboxing for the framing? Irrelevant though as was quickly drawn in. Really appreciated the big ideas and I know musical is tough, so thank you for the effort, the film would have rated much higher if the songs were better, for mine.

Hmmmquite dark and mysterious and a little bit confusing. Think it the puppet showed up AFTER the mushrooming then it might have made more sense. Acting was pretty good just felt a bit confused with the story overall... but maybe that was the intention!

Ruth Korver
city manager

A person and a puppet seem to be having a deep existential crisis which is improved by taking a bunch of mushrooms. I think the puppet was the lead's inner demon which they are fighting. Narratively this film didn't make a whole lot of sense and the tone was a bit confusing - It started off quite poetical and deep and the images were fairly good but the puppet threw it off a bit because it was a kids' toy and wasn't really that threatening. (I might be interpreting things wrong here though).

You did make use of a good range of locations, there was a narrative arc even if it was a bit vague and the lead performer was striking and engaging. I also think the songs were attempted well and there were some nice images.