Cosby Park

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The Back from the Dead Movie
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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I genuinely don't think I have EVER laughed as much at a film in this competition. So so so very very good.

In this hypothetical future Dr. Huxtable himself may have died but that doesn't stop justice-seeking scientists from ensuring that his clones serve out his remaining sentence now does it? The blockheads were absolutely frigging genius, the generator/clone machine was mind boggling and the pacing was frenetic. I don't know if everyone will love this as much as I do because of not being quite technically perfect (the opening couple of shots were wobbly) but honestly fuck being technically perfect - if a film is this funny it doesn't matter and this film brought tears to me eyes from laughter! :D

Quirky b-grade humor and a mashup premise make for an entertaining short film here.

This film got a number of laughs, and it used the technique of quirky references but overall I didn't enjoy it, seemed like a great concept over a few drinks and that spiralled out of control.
I feel that a park of genetically engineered Bill Cosby's would have been terrifying in the real world. Full credit to the team for taking the concept and committing to it, some great use of locations, and the gunshot effects were solid.

Okay this is a toughy - great setup and concept. It was bizarre and hilarious. Camera work was okayish (big shaky at times) and the acting was the same. Loved the Cosby art Dept heads and actually wished you found some real Cosby voice samples as I think it would have taken to the next level. VFX were nice too. Might make the finals - fingers crossed.

Solid concept.

It’s what I love about the 48 is when a piece like this appears.

I can agree, the camera and sound required some help. if those components were there this would have been a winner

BUT the Lo fi makes this film great.
The most laughs I’ve ever heard in a 48 piece.
I believe this should be a finalist.

Ruth Korver
city manager

This film is pretty much exactly why I love 48 Hours so much. Every year there is a film that has something so random that no matter the quality of it you can't help but love it. Its not a finalist and it probably won't win a lots of awards but it just sticks in your head because the idea so so random and all you can think is 'what the fuck were they thinking on Friday night?". Its the film that you tell people to watch when they ask if there's anything outside the finalists that are a must see.

Cosby park is basically Jurassic Park but instead of dinosaurs they have multiple homicidal clones of Bill Cosby. Why? So they can make him serve a longer sentence for his crimes. How? A magic door/portal thing. The Cosbys are played by shuffling zombie-types who are wearing square boxes on their heads that have Bill's face glued onto them They aren't particularly realistic but the simplicity and total randomness is genius. When protesters turn off the electricity and then destroy the back-up generator they run amok. This team had a bunch of guns to play with and there's a whole lot of shooting and blood splatter.

Technically its rough around the edges but who cares, that is part of the charm and there is so much to love here. Laugh out load and easy best use of genre in Wellington.