The Keeper

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When given the opportunity to break his curse through acquisition of a magic chalice from a dark lord, a muscle-bound warrior with legs the size of tree trunks laughs at the face of danger and heads off on his quest. Really strong acting performances by both leads, GOOD sound (thank you!!!) and some absolutely strikingly beautiful imagery this was a slice of sword and sorcery fantasy at its finest. This team had really fine control of their camera, giving the tavern where the quest was set an air of authenticity simply through tight framing and whilst vfx were minmal they were effective. The cave shot with the frozen figures and the fog was one of the best I've ever seen in 48Hours. Not wholly original but Albert Pyun would be proud. Shame about the dq!

It's always awesome to see when a team jumps head first into a genre film, and OmniShambles did a great job of the fantasy theme with The Keeper. Good performances from the two leads, who looked perfect in the roles, and a nice looping story.

Okay - bit torn here... the main actors were superb, especially the one with his trembling lips. And the setup was great. However, bit of learning on the music / editing side could of made this even better. I would have continued the atmospheric music right through from the opening scene and into the walk to the cave. In fact, you could have easily removed the walk and just jumped straight to the cave watching shots! Would work great. Loved the VFX inside the cave, though bit disappointed by the final scream / end result / ghosting ?. Felt a little anti climatic. Anyway, overall keep you actors together and keep that comedy coming - look forward to next years effort!

Ruth Korver
city manager

Set in a medieval/vikingish period, an intense, husky-voiced stranger convinces a warrior to help him find the 'chalice of power' with the promise of reunion with his beloved. The husky-voiced stranger guides the warrior along rugged coastlines to a cave which the warrior enters, biceps flexed and sword raised. Inside he finds misty and mystical figures wait silently, guarding the chalice from thieves such as him.
This is film had fantastic production values, costume, art department and the vfx and staging of the cave were really impressive. The tone of the story was very 'medieval quest' and felt quite earnest but there was a sense that the team were having fun with this and moments of humour with what I'm describing as the husky-voiced stranger kept it engaging. I'm not sure the humour was intentional - it was hard to tell and I think that the space for improvement in this film would have been to work on the story a bit more. More insight into the warrior and his beloved may have helped us have a stronger emotional connection and the more you make us like a character and want what they want the more an audience is engaged with the journey of the film. That said, this was an ambitious film to attempt to make in 48 Hours and its commendable to see what you did achieve. Unfortunately it just didn't quite make it in on time so better luck next year and don't let it put you off taking on complex technical elements in your films.