Toilet Duck

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The Time Travel Movie
Wellington > 05

After chore completion a mother and son bond over and inside a family photo book. Yep you heard right, and it was glorious! The comedic exaggeration of the mundane concept of cleaning was wonderfully done, and the bonding of mum and her child over several family memories was absolutely lovely. Strong acting performances and surreal when the keynote to the film took us on a literal trip. Jokes came thick and fast and hit for the most part, with just some minor audio levels being a bit out. Overall fresh, fun, colourful and highly imaginative.

An enjoyable commentary film, had a lot of charm with conversation between the mother and son, and a nice basic take on the time travel theme.

This was obviously a family team (?) and the heart from that showed through. A bit hit and miss in places, though, editing wise and story etc. However, the wonderfully low-fi green screen flashbacks and humourous dialogue/acting made up for all that in the middle - which made it all come alive. Was a damn good effort all and all!

Ruth Korver
city manager

This was the second of three films by the same family in the one heat - this one made by the mum of four boys. Only one helped her out on the film and together they made a pretty lovely piece.
The film begins with some toilet cleaning and once jobs are done mum and son have a reminisce over the photo album which comes to life as they flick through it. There are lots of hilarious family films of the boys burning things and jumping through fireworks, she's so proud of them all. (She should be considering they made up a quarter of the heat). This film was quite simple but really charming. The performances were great and while it wasn't a deeply complex story it was warm and charming and I think shows that it has been a good thing to allow stock footage into the competition. Nice work Hamiltons.