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The Splatstick Movie
Wellington > 05

Excellent voice acting for this ANIMAL FARM-inspired group who shared their nightmarish thoughts about what humans do to them, whilst the team threw in some high quality drone shots. Of course hearsay and rumour can be ghastly things especially when someone gives a barbaric recollection and another gives a version of events that is much more towards lighthearted family fun. The attitude conveyed by the vocal performance for the llamas was admirable, while the horse with the Scottish twang also had some high quality moments in the film. I like that this was not an ultra team and yet clearly inspired to work with animals anyway! The 'demon' dancing was haunting and the synching was fairly amazingly done all thing considered I just felt the story could have done with more of a dramatic arc.

This was a nice little telling a tale film, great use of the animals, breaking it up with different accents was a good idea. Although I was expecting something more brutal with a name like Llamacaust...

Voice work was great. Drone shots awesome. Editing and script got a bit lost in places. Overall had good laughs. Nice effort.

Ruth Korver
city manager

A group of farm animals talk about the terrifying things that the humans get up to. This film could have been an Ultra entry with voiced over animals and small bloodthirsty children. Personally I love llamas so I enjoyed this film from the get-go. The animals all had great voices overlaid and there was a good sense of them interacting. I think that it dragged a little bit as some of the shots between animals was a bit static. The film really came to life at the end with some fantastic drone shots and the smokey/silhouette scene.
I think this team did really well using their resources and had some great camera-work. I think it just needed the script and talking tightened up a bit but in general it was an enjoyable watch and I definitely recommend the inclusion of llamas in films.