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The Star-Crossed Lovers Movie
Wellington > 05

Furious scribbling in the dark here because this was theoretically the only ever screening the public will ever get to see of this film, the 3rd masterpiece in 3 years by Tim Hamilton. Confident, self-aware, introspective but genius, comedic and engaging I am seriously in awe of this man's talent every year he enters the competition. So so sorry to hear about the dq.

Moving away from the meta make a film in 48 hours structure to a loving ode to his mother, DQ Tim went wild into the bush, far away from even the wop-wops and allowed the audience to share in his journey. The drone shots were simply staggering and gave the film a sense of scope that was far more than 1 man trying to make it back to civilization for mother's day after having 1 corona or 12 too many the night before. As the dire situation sunk in the required puddle this year was put to fantastic use to allow Tim/Tim to discuss himself and his mum in a way that was raw but charming and wholly unique; a message of love for yourself and your family that simply made my day. The river and plunge was glorious too. Thank you!

This was my favourite out of the heat, I felt like it nailed the humour side of the competition, excellent work with the effects, strong performance, beautiful scenery. I was super gutted when I was scrolling through the voting options and I couldn't see it on the list. Glad I got to see it before it was deleted from the universe.

I don't know what to say. I mean, 48 films can often leave you with that feeling of 'What did I just see?!?'.

This film did that.
In a great way.

The story makes little sense, but also lots of sense. Nothing about it should work, but it works so good.

Look Tim’s films, as always, are out there, fun, weird, strange, polished and smart! Would easily have made the finals if not DQ’d. The only criticism/feedback I have and it’s more subject related is.., can he do something (a film) that can exist and work ‘outside of’ the 48hrs comp - as in the film subject is not set around the competition itself... (and being disqualified) ... now that would be an interesting challenge!

Seems like we've gone full circle.

10/10, Disqualified Tim strikes again with my favourite film of the heat. Filled with humour, hope, heartbreak, and love, this film will leave you thinking: "what the..."

The seat was sticky but that didnt take away from this film experience. I enjoyed this more then wet mash potatoes on my lap and a cup of warm egg whites.

Top notch on my belt....I am hungry. please give me warm egg whites.

If falling asleep is five stars and having wet shoes is a two, I give this film an orphaned cat that will soon met a grim fate.

But you use a star system....So all stars by smashmouth.


Ridiculous Tim. I love how you challenged yourself by just creating the most impossible situation to make a film.
No reception, next to zero crew, your ma ditches you.. oh and then you get 'star crossed lovers'.
And yet, you nailed it.

All I'm saying is if you missed this, damn you are unlucky.

It had me in stitches most of the film and I hope it does get leaked due to this heat being it's only ever ever viewing...
... the world should/needs to see this number.

Ruth Korver
city manager

Once again Tim delivers us surprise and delight with a strangely meta film starring himself in a parallel 48Hours version of his life. This time Tim is in the south island, far from the internet, his mum has ditched him and is making her own film. (She really did - it was in this heat along with Tim's other brother's film). Tim is heartbroken that Raymond is the favoured son (Raymond knows more about special effects). Tim drinks a lot, he films himself naked with a drone, he is sad and alone. Tim cries into the river and reveals... a second version of himself. Two Tim's alone in the wilderness, what will happen? Well what could happen when you make a film alone in the wilderness and get star-crossed lovers as your genre - you have to fall in love with yourself. Complex sfx ensue and Tim actually manages to make out with himself. But Tim must choose - Tim or his mum? He chooses mum. Awww. It is Mother's day (honestly what kind of monsters schedule a film competition on Mother's day?).

I revealed the ending there because Tim has subsequently deleted his film and I now have the only copy but am honour-bound not to put it online without Tim's permission. So you will need to make do with bad descriptions of what was a really cool film.

I should also note that it was disqualified because it was late. We hope that Tim changes his team name for next year to 'Makes a really awesome film and gets into the finals again where he deserves to be Tim'.