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The Wish Movie
Wellington > 04

Great concept. Nice finish. Enjoyable


This was cool, thought it was a clever concept with the genre - and the ending!! I enjoyed it.

A hyper-sensitive to sound uni student learns to be careful what he wishes for, when his frustration with the world around him leads to his ears losing hearing for a day. Rather than seek any advice or help of course he just meanders around Wellington like Monsieu Hulot completely unaware of any danger that might be coming his way. The smash cuts you used were nicely done and there was a fast pace to proceedings however the plot was a bit thin for mine, and whilst it conveyed the idea of the film decently the audio mix was quite variable in quality. I'd also recommend to avoid potential copyright areas like "Total Eclipse of the Heart" (even though it was a cover and only 5-10 seconds of the song) or footage of BBC's Planet Earth...

WELL THAT GOT FRIGGIN DARK. while the sound did get janky in places in ways i wasn't convinced were deliberate, overall i liked your use of it (and i loved the subtitles, literally incapable of not muttering WOOSH along with them in the audience) and i liked the concept and how you approached it. there didn't really seem to be a story, but as a snapshot i still liked it, and it felt very nz in that i thought the ending was funny.

Sam Murphy

giving this one some extra kudos because it paid off just fine for me, for a 5 minute film. i felt some existential black mirrors-esque cringe at the lingering alarm beeping subtitle, with a good horror pay off. could have been slicker with its edits and sound.

Ruth Korver
city manager

Loud overwhelming sounds become too much for a young man who wishes for silence. When he wakes up the next day he can't hear anything, instead sounds are all in subtitles. He enjoys this for a while but eventually being unable to hear becomes fatal.

The premise works well but unfortunately the sound and subtitles are bit inconsistent with the film edited so the audience hears the sound then switches to the young man's POV and back again. Its a bit disjointing and I think it would have been more effective if we'd stayed in his world, at least until the reveal in the end.

There was some good editing and acting in this film and I commend the experimentation with the sound, it didn't always mix that well but I could see what you were trying to do. INext time it might be worth shortening the film a bit to give yourselves more time in post to refine things.