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The Musical + The Last Day on Earth Movie
Wellington > 04

Good effort. A tough one to pull off.


Definitely a tough genre! Nice music, the girl had a nice voice. Cool concept.

A girl desperate to escape from "The Buzzing" that fills her head with painfully high-pitched sounds sings here about her inner struggle and provided good exposition for the end of the world events. The team worked around their budget with some nice shots to establish a sparse world at the brink. Your lead actress also had a really nice voice and props for giving it a go. The high-pitched sounds were mixed to the point I had to hold my ears and not sure whether that was intentional, but if I was feeling what the girl was feeling then that's pretty meta. It seemed this team was a good size so I'd encourage you to use more people to act next time.

i saw your team had hands up for first-timers (though apologies if i mistook someone else), and "musical" is a really tough entry to get for your first go. there were a couple of places where it felt draggy to me and the singing/editing fell awkwardly in some of them but kudos to going for it with the musical theme (and to whoever wrote your lyrics—i found the puddle bit effective!). i liked the concept of your apocalypse scenario as well as your visual storytelling (how you tied together the radio piece and your main character was nicely done). effective use of sound.

Sam Murphy

that was a tough one to pair with your musical, so overall the tone was kind of off, with strains of horror, drama, and comedy. the musical angle was comedic which the actress leaned into fantastically, but the rest felt a little ramshackle.

Ruth Korver
city manager

In some kind of apocalyptic future a virus is causing a buzzing in people's heads. The daughter of one of the scientists succumbs to the disease. This was a first time team and I think that you did really well coming up with a solid premise - you managed to create the sense of a lot more going on in the world using the radio which was really effective and some of the high pitched buzzing, while a bit painful, helped to take us into the character's experience. I think you have some technical areas to work on but this was a great effort for a new team and I'd encourage you to keep on making films as you obviously have some original ideas and thats the most important thing in a film.