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The Last Day on Earth Movie
Wellington > 04

Darkly enjoyable...

Following a plague striking almost everyone off the face of the earth this film followed the somber journey of 2 best friend scavengers one of whom badly needed medicine to stay alive. Desaturated and muted in feeling this was an intimate affair and held the audience's attention strongly. The coughing of blood was impressive and the film was well paced with a good camera eye for framing, although lighting at times was hit and miss.

i wasn't sure where this was going, but thought the performances were broadly effective and was happy to go for a ride with them. i thought the world-building was solid, the details were well-delivered, and the ending strong.

Sam Murphy

this was really lovely to look at, good cinematography and production values, and i appreciate that you decided to commit to an earnest representation of a post-apoc movie. some sound issues and unspecial dialogue (and some very un-apocalyptic looking cars left in frame in the background), but otherwise a well executed concept and film.


I really enjoyed the multi-cam shots where you switched angles (like rustling through the kitchen drawers). The makeup was really good. I also liked the way you did some neat focus shifts from foreground to background. I enjoyed this film!

Ruth Korver
city manager

Two friends are trying to survive in a post plague world. One is really ill and the other is trying to keep her alive as they scavenge for food and medicine amongst the remains of Newtown. This was a lovely 'small story' in a big world about someone who has to eventually do something terrible to help their best friend. The story was pretty sad and the team managed to carry it well. I think a bit more connection between the friends at the beginning would have helped make the ending more emotional.
Art department was great - I commend the use of locations costume and makeup to shape the world.