I Could Not Travel Both

Average: 2.5 (2 votes)
The Technological Thriller
Wellington > 03

Ambitious concept of smartphone technology both controlling our lives more than we realise, but also exploring the concept that it can serve a not-so-positive purpose. Debonair businessman was the perfect folley for this setup and we saw the effects on his professional and personal life. I liked the ideas but the storyline got a bit muddled when the antagonist was introduced.


interesting concept, felt it got a little confusing at points wasn't sure what that bad guy was up to. but the acting was good and the film kept my interest throughout

Ruth Korver
city manager

In this tech thriller our main character uses an app called Opco which is 'your life curated'. Constantly comparing options, the app recommends choices to improve your life, landing our lead Kieran a job and a better life. But does he really want that? Opco seems to actually be fairly sinister, controlling the participants and using them against each other. The premise was an interesting approach to the genre and was somewhat satirical in regards to the over-dependance on our digital devices but there were some story elements, in particular the stalker, that weren't super clear. It was well-shot and the performances were great, just needed some more work on refining the story.