Still Life

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The Fish-Out-of-Water Movie
Wellington > 03

Like if everyone in the world got stopped by CLOCKSTOPPERS but the one person not frozen is incredibly clueless. This idea had potential but the sound mix had a lot of issues and several shots were out of focus, whilst the general premise did not really progress further than making us question if we were supposed to feel sympathy for the lead that they were the last person alive. Punching an alarm clock at least got a good laugh out of me.


nice job, hats off to the actors staying so still. i found the out of focus shots really distracting at times and would have liked the story to go somewhere or give us some hints as to why everyone was frozen.

Ruth Korver
city manager

A guy wakes up and goes about his daily business in a world where everyone is frozen. He goes shopping , studies, and goes on a date. With a frozen women... Its a little creepy but mostly sad. He talks to his frozen flatmates, he is basically going crazy. Until suddenly he hears a sound - is someone else alive (unfrozen)? Or has he lost his mind? Its a good premise, original and works well for the genre, although the story does drag a bit as most of it sets up the world with the action right at the end. I felt they could have jumped into some action and played with him thinking he heard things a lot sooner. It did have some technical issues with focus and camera but all in all a satisfying fish out of water for me.