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by H34

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The High School Movie
Wellington > 03

A neat and funny short that captures kiwi high schoolers perfectly. Short and sharp. Nice one.

Mostly shot as vertical cinema from a phone POV/found footage approach as freshly turned 18 year old lads venture into town for the first time on the prowl. Very naturalistic in approach it seemed like the script came from a very familiar place. Sure looked like real vomit here too...Champagne popping, uber driving and courtenay place. Well done day-after repercussions that almost reframed the previous events but the verite approach once the drinking started simply felt too much like a low budget Project X in my opinion.


This was great, one of my faves from the heat. a fairly simple story that was super entertaining and well paced. the actors were really natural and editing in the portrait mode was pretty seamless.

Ness Patea
city manager

H34 nails the high school genre with it's irreverence to traditional film making and instead reads like a series of snap chat videos, by filming random moments over a big night out in vertical format. This film had a great reaction in the cinema with it's fun comedic style. Well done boyeeee! Loved this entry from our latest film school graduates, look forward to seeing what you make next!