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The Technological Thriller
Wellington > 03

fantastic animation, really felt the personality of the robot coming through. the film had a great sense of tension and the story was well told without dialogue

Comparisons to Love.exe by Bork! are going to be close to instantaneous to anyone with a knowledge of this competition, but they would be unfair. What Empty Cup have done through simple geometric CG animation, and I say that like it's nothing when it's most definitely not, is to create a fully fleshed out world within the confines of robot prison defined solely by bot-shape, and progressed through incredibly subtle movements for emotion and exceptionally strong sound elements.

I'll need to watch this again but not often has so much been done with so little in 48Hours. Is there an afterlife or ethereal limbo for robots? Are these even robots or is there a soul component? Why are they in prison? What is the puddle at the start? Left me wanting more in the best possible way and probably a strong contender for the best Wellington solo/duo award, at least.


I'm no expert on what can/can't be done over a weekend with 3D animation but this seemed like damn impressive work. This film managed to tell an emotional story without any dialogue. The plot was a bit simple and formulaic and it brought to mind aspects of 'Wall-E'.

Ruth Korver
city manager

A robot in a back corridor is running out of charge. Her friend is leaking and has no batteries left. She must venture alone into a hostile set of tunnels, looking for somewhere to plug in and charge herself up to escape. There are sentinel robots ready to raise the alarm however and its touch and go whether she'll make it.
This film was one of those ones that make you go 'woah... how'd they do that'? Which is a very satisfying feeling to have when watching a 48Hour film. Full 3D animation, the robot itself was quite a simple 3d shape but still elicited a real sense of empathy from me. The ending was a bit of a tearjerker and props for going solo/duo.
The high light for me was the soundtrack in this one - it was fantastic.