With Me

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The Musical + The Last Day on Earth Movie
Wellington > 03

Talk-singing angel pursued the woman of his dreams after coming to earth and proclaiming his story was his musical. A couple of nice burns by the female lead it was a shame about the tech issues with the warp stabilizing needs fixing messages in the first half of the film. Musical can be tough but I appreciate that you went all in with what you had.


Not much of a story to speak of here as an Angel comes down for a woman for some reason? This team were definitely ill-prepared for tackling the musical genre but kudos for giving it a go (and making up for it by repeatedly exclaiming "This is my musical" ha ha). Some gorgeous shots unfortunately let down by some technical issues.


creepy self indulged angel comes down from heaven and kidnaps a woman while singing about his musical. really well shot but shame about the warp stabilised footage. good effort with the songs, was obviously a challenge but you guys gave it your best

Ruth Korver
city manager

An angel appears on a beach to take a nice young lady who has died but not realised it to heaven. He's a little creepy in an amusing and self-aware way and his singing is definitely not going to win him an oscar as it is mostly talk-singing. He does repeatedly state that 'this is his musical' which does help it achieve the genre in a random way. On the positives the film is beautifully shot and I especially loved the scooter sequence along the coast shot. They obviously had some technical difficulty at the end with the warp stabiliser but hey its 48 Hours and musical can be a distracting curveball.