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The Back from the Dead Movie
Wellington > 03

Interesting take on the afterlife movie, though it look me embarrassingly long to figure that out... I enjoyed the stereotypical millennial snobs chatting over coffee oblivious to their surroundings and there was a nice sombre mood hanging over everything.

Last call for alcohol in the land of the dead where drinks are on the house at the bar for the recently deceased. Forelorn in nature and contemplative although also had some fairly dark comedy. Gains a star for hugely entertaining meta credits.

Ruth Korver
city manager

A man tries to kill himself and arrives in a bar to find the drinks are free. Two people arrive and describe the various and strange deaths that bought them to afterlife drinks. Guilt ensues and the man returns to his life. This was an interesting take on back from the dead as someone makes a decision about reversing their own death.
The film was visually cool and had a great range of funny and sad moments but some of it did ramble a bit and the shallow depth of field was sometimes distracting.
Credits were great.