Dial Heist

Average: 2.2 (1 vote)
The Heist Movie
Wellington > 02

A pizza delivery goes very very wrong as the delivery person and HQ get their wires quite seriously mixed up. This has nice interplay between the 2 leads, a good sense of anticipation due to nice editing and initial dialogue but I felt the ending was quite abrupt. I also feel like the film effectively got Acts 1 and 2 of a short heist film but failed to deliver Act 3 by going for the quick comedic payoff that played a little predictable.

Ruth Korver
city manager

Tension builds as a junior criminal heads into a building on a heist mission. She checks her instructions and makes a call at which point a terrible misunderstanding ensues and we realise she's called a Pizza delivery HQ. There is a confusing and entertaining exchange before she heads off to perform the heist by knocking on the door and asking for the money. The pizza HQ chap is confused and worried - no pizza is being delivered here.

I thought this film was incredibly simple and a nicely original take on the genre - no epic complex heist drama here, just a small, funny conversation and I like a small story in a big world. I do think we missed out on the payoff though - it would have been cool to see what happened.q

*Another of my favourite team names in Wellington - I hope there's a good story here.