New Zealand's Next Top Slasher

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The Splatstick Movie
Wellington > 02

Unfortunately disqualified as this got a lot of laffs however for mine whilst a completely different genre that was tonally an incredibly similar film to Typhoids film last year. I'll also continue to call out talking heads as a lazy filmmaking technique as I have for 12 years in this competition. But I'm gasbagging; the film's title basically told you everything you needed to know about what would follow for 5 minutes as 3 contestants showed their best murderous skills to become NZ's next top slasher. A sinister clown, morbid poison expert and incredibly loose "Gary from Gore" being the entrants. Psychopathic judges played the material well with deadpan delivery (the rabid Hannibal Lecter inspired judge the absolute highlight of the film) but I wish Carter Nixon acted every year because his presence was sorely missed.

Ruth Korver
city manager

This film is a classic promise of the premise - its about New Zealand's Next Top Slasher which is a great approach to this year's curveball genre. It plays out as expected with interviews with the judges and aspiring slashers. Theres some lovely comedy and the team is obvisouly having fun. The surprise entrant is Gary from Gore, who really wanted to be on New Zealand Idol but came into the wrong suburban garage and ends up taking the crown. It wasn't the most surprising of stories but I enjoyed the performances and it was a shame this team was late in (although only by a few seconds).