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The Star-Crossed Lovers Movie
Wellington > 02

Dreams are a powerful force and this hazy rumination on love through what happens when we sleep explored to mine the idea of souls quite well. My main issue with the film is that it never clearly seemed that the star-crossed protagonists were ever lovers to begin with, and if my interpretation of the film is correct then I would have really liked to have seen that explored more. Some beautiful shots but the overambition created some confusion.

Ruth Korver
city manager

Working daily in the checkout and surviving on two minute noodles in a damp grey world, our hero finds love when he sleeps. We catch flashes of her in the real world but its uncertain whether she is merely a figment of his imagination or part of a world he might travel to. The ending is sad, despite the idea that he might find his true love.
There were some beautiful moments in this film. The images were lovely and I enjoyed how quiet it was. I would have liked some more character development and there was a lot of repetitive visuals of the actions of his life whereas some insight into who he was, his hopes and dreams may have helped us feel more connected to him which would have made the ending more emotional.
It was a nice approach to the genre however and I did enjoy the ambiguity in it.