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The High School Movie
Wellington > 02

The lifeless life of a very unshaven NCEA candidate is given meaning when they get a camera. I think I could see what the team were trying to do by stripping backgrounds of imagery to represent the drab world of school, but the visual storytelling to show the journey of the lead and his life improving through photography lacked impact. I think if dialogue had been utilised some of the concepts the team were trying to convey may have come across more soundly because the film's narrative arc did fall a bit flat.

Ruth Korver
city manager

A high school student is unengaged with learning until he discovers photography which helps him find his passion and improve his grades. The film was pretty simple, mostly a musical sequence and I think the team could have varied that a bit. The end part where he wakes up and then it repeats the camera discovery wasn't really necessary. Positives were that the film had a nice premise and I enjoyed the positive sentiment.