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The Monster Movie
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I assume that this team has never seen 'Gunther and Me' by Prime Rib but I'll let that slide as addressing lonerism with a best friend monster in the closet metaphor is a solid storyline concept though highly unorginal. Having said that this team were all in on having a friendly Seasame Street vibe with playground adventures and bonding. Payoff was gold too and drew a big smile for utilising the $2 budget they had for a monster paw as an asset rather than any sort of hindrance.

Ruth Korver
city manager

So I love this team's name, just wanted to say that before cracking into the review.
A young man is terrified by mysterious sounds but the monster in the closet turns out to be a friend. Cue happy times hanging out together and lots of warm fuzzies. This film was super shot and I love that they kept the story short, sweet and simple. The monster was a fuzzy glove arm that is only seen in the side of the shot and was a most excellent low budget approach to a monster. Downsides are that the production values aren't particularly heroic and the story is a bit of a one-liner so those are areas to push further with for next time. However, I do feel like this team made a solid little number using the resources and skills they had and I think thats the best approach to 48Hours.